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Slow Dixie is here to offer apparel that has a sense of humor and gives a sense of pride in our community. We're all about taking it easy every once and a while, having some fun, and enjoying life. Our products are meant for hitting up the brunch spot while sporting a slight hangover, tailgating on a Saturday in the fall, or just taking care of business - TCOB!

We're a husband and wife team. After years in the apparel/retail industry, we thought we'd give it a shot on our own too. Paul is the "Ideas Man" who listens to way too many sports podcasts. Elise keeps track of the money, making sure this train stays running with her intense work ethic (although she would just love a chance to take a nap). We're a dynamic duo that knows the lyrics to an inappropriate amount of Men at Work songs (Paul) and can talk 1980s baseball with the best of them (Elise). Our two pups, Baxter and Frannie, keep us in line and make sure all the work gets done.