Welcome to our neck of the woods. We call our world Slow Dixie, and we’re happy you found us.

We started Slow Dixie in 2017 because we had a few ideas related to the infractions levied against Ole Miss by the NCAA… so we had some fun and sold some hats and t-shirts to make light of our football team’s woes. Since then, our husband and wife team grew with the birth of our son. Life got even busier, and eventually Ole Miss served their time and got out of NCAA jail.

So where does that bring us now? Well, we could keep trying to sell hats and tees related to a very specific, now outdated situation a college football team in north Mississippi found themselves in. But we’ve got other interests too. So you’re going to see Slow Dixie dive into those topics in more of a blog platform (going back to our roots - yeah, this going to be very similar to an older blog we once had). We’ll also continue to flex our creative muscles and make new t-shirst and hats to sell, because it’s fun!

Hope you enjoy the direction we’re headed!

-Paul, Elise, and Hank