College Baseball - Opening Weekend

Man, how good did it feel to see some college baseball this past weekend? We mostly watched our Diamond Rebs, but just seeing all the action over the weekend was a great reminder that spring is almost here.


Our Rebs had a fantastic opening day, beating Wright State 10-1. Will Ethridge was humming out there, lasting two-thirds of the way through the fifth, which was a nice cherry on top of all the run support he got. Saturday’s game was more of a struggle, with the guys letting Wright State take an early lead… but hey, it happens. It’s a long season, so best work those kinks out now. Finally, Sunday’s series finale was unfortunately canceled due to inclement weather. Now this weekend recap is old news for ya if you follow Ole Miss baseball, but it leads me to what could be considered quite a hot take: COLLEGE BASEBALL IS THE BEST COLLEGE SPORT.


Don’t get me wrong, college football is a religion. But while the highs are fantastic, the lows one can encounter during football season can be so depressing that it’s painful. College basketball leads to one of the most exciting postseason tournaments in all of sports. However, we can all agree those timeouts toward the end of the games are just excessive. When it comes to baseball though, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a few hours at the ballpark. Hot dogs, peanuts, beer (at least in Right Field at Swayze)… what’s not to love? Sure, when your team loses, it sucks. It’s like that in every sport. But I’d be willing to bet, you were at least able to relax a bit while watching that game. And that’s not too bad.

So hopefully, you’re able to take in a game or two this spring. Relax a bit. And hopefully you’re able to take part in a beer shower a few times too.


Monday Morning Music - Dire Straits "Walk of Life"

Man, I love me some Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler is one hell of a guitarist, and they have some great tunes. Walk of Life was released in 1985 from the Brothers in Arms album (one of the best albums around, IMO) and it’s one of my favorites from the album. Now this has everything to do with the music video, but this song makes me think of baseball every time I hear it. The video has a lot of sports bloopers, but I can just hear this in my head pumping over the loud speaker at a ballpark. Bonus trivia for ya: my cousin is in this video at the 1:42 mark. He’s the White Sox player falling and somersaulting backwards. Good times!

Monday Morning Music - Willie Nelson "Seven Spanish Angels"

The Grammys were last night, and today’s best in music were celebrated for all of their accomplishments… so of course, I didn’t watch a second of it. I don’t know who the majority of the artists are, and the ones I do know, I really don’t like their music. But our guy Willie apparently won a Grammy for an album he did. Good for him. I’d rather hear him anytime given the choice.

A Short Note on National Signing Day

Today is the day where young men in high school (or in JUCO) sign their letters of intent to play for their chosen college football program. If a player does not sign with your team, do not tweet at them. Also, everyone knows that your team is clean and all others are cheatin’, so please don’t tweet about that either. Other than that, let’s enjoy tracking the news of the day!


What's in the Bag?

It’s only January, but I’m dreaming of warmer weather… who isn’t really? For a lot of us, winter really slows down the extracurricular activities. One of my favorites is golf (although I have not played as much in recent years as I used to). I live in Chicago, and cold weather golf is not something I’m interested in. So as soon as gets warmer, I want to get out there more often.

I do need to make some upgrades in the bag… like I said, I haven’t played as much as I used to. But I thought it would be fun to start doing my research and figure out how the sticks will look this year. So below is what my golf bag will look like this year, or at least, when it gets warmer out.

  • DRIVER - Taylormade M4 D-Type: I’m not a super heavy hitter, but I can bomb this thing. The draw bias also helps my occasional tendency to slice. Anything to help!

  • FAIRWAY WOODS - Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood & Callaway Big Bertha Steelhead III 5 Wood: My fairway woods are older (one more so than the other). The RBZ was a welcome addition to the bag a few years ago, and I’ve enjoyed it. The old Steelhead has been in my bag over 20 years. I love that thing, and I have no plans on getting rid of it anytime soon.

  • IRONS - Ping GMAX K1 Iron Set (4-PW): So I don’t technically own these, but I think I’m going to go for them this year. I got a chance to try them out last year, and loved them. Typically, I’m a Taylormade guy (my current set is a TM Burner Iron and Rescue set from like 8 years ago), but I think I’m ready to try some Ping irons. And since these aren’t the latest and greatest, I’ll be able to get a good deal.

  • WEDGES - Taylormade Milled Grind Black Wedges (52, 56, and 60): I picked these up fairly recently and love them. The black finish is so good. And while I rely on the driver with a draw bias and the cavity back irons to help improve my game, I’m not too bad with my wedge game. So I carry these three and use them often.

  • PUTTER - Ping G5i Anser: Going way back with this flat stick. Got this thing in 2005, I believe, and I love it. I’ve tried a few other putters over the years, but I keep going back to this one. Again, don’t plan on upgrading this thing anytime soon. It’s an oldie, but goodie.


So that’s my bag… Nothing special or too fancy. What’s in your bag?

Monday Morning Music - George Strait "Run"

With a nine month old baby in the house, we rely heavily on YouTube. Baby Shark has certainly gotten it’s fair share of play, as has Disney music. But I’ve been sneaking in some of the good stuff too in an effort to round out his musical tastes. Last night, we jammed out to George Strait’s entire show Live from the Astrodome. I figured it only fair to continue the show into Monday morning. Run is one of my favorites from King George. Hopefully the helps kick your week off right!