College Baseball - Opening Weekend

Man, how good did it feel to see some college baseball this past weekend? We mostly watched our Diamond Rebs, but just seeing all the action over the weekend was a great reminder that spring is almost here.


Our Rebs had a fantastic opening day, beating Wright State 10-1. Will Ethridge was humming out there, lasting two-thirds of the way through the fifth, which was a nice cherry on top of all the run support he got. Saturday’s game was more of a struggle, with the guys letting Wright State take an early lead… but hey, it happens. It’s a long season, so best work those kinks out now. Finally, Sunday’s series finale was unfortunately canceled due to inclement weather. Now this weekend recap is old news for ya if you follow Ole Miss baseball, but it leads me to what could be considered quite a hot take: COLLEGE BASEBALL IS THE BEST COLLEGE SPORT.


Don’t get me wrong, college football is a religion. But while the highs are fantastic, the lows one can encounter during football season can be so depressing that it’s painful. College basketball leads to one of the most exciting postseason tournaments in all of sports. However, we can all agree those timeouts toward the end of the games are just excessive. When it comes to baseball though, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a few hours at the ballpark. Hot dogs, peanuts, beer (at least in Right Field at Swayze)… what’s not to love? Sure, when your team loses, it sucks. It’s like that in every sport. But I’d be willing to bet, you were at least able to relax a bit while watching that game. And that’s not too bad.

So hopefully, you’re able to take in a game or two this spring. Relax a bit. And hopefully you’re able to take part in a beer shower a few times too.